Distinctive, dramatic, perfect.
2013-12-21_0007-595x400We are a husband and wife team (that’s Vicki lighting the bride!) of portrait and wedding photographers in North Conway, New Hampshire. In our photography studio and on location we create stunningly beautiful and unique imagery of weddings, seniors, and families. We love getting to know the people we work with and are constantly striving to capture them and the most important moments in their lives in a polished and distinctive style. Working as a team, we never settle for a photo; we’ll turn OK light into great light, an acceptable pose into a memorable one, and a nice scene into a distinctive image that will be cherished forever!


Unique Images in a Unique Location, Lavinia’s A few days ago we had the unique opportunity to create some great portraits in one of Hew Hampshire’s oldest and most distinctive restaurants. Lavinias in Center Harbor, New Hampshire is a centuries old building (built in the 1820s!) with some incredible dining rooms and a tavern (I can personally… read more →... Read More →



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