Alice in Wonderland Bridal Session – Wellwed Magazine

The current issue of Wellwed Magazine for Maine and New Hampshire is about to come out. We have a wonderful, styled shoot featured in it, a very unique concept by Rodyan Quinonez. A bridal session based upon the fantasy novel by Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. We had Alice as the bride and a couple bridesmaids as The Mad Hatter and The Caterpillar. The whole thing was put together in a perfect venue for the session, one of the rooms at Lavinia’s Restaurant in Center Harbor, NH.

We had an incredible team put together for this and everyone did great. Our models Cadie Camille, Allie Brewster, and Jessica Raymond all looked awesome in their gowns provided by Andrea’s Bridal Boutique. Incredible floral displays were provided by Lotus Floral Designs and cakes (lots of fantastic cakes!) were created by My Three Cakes. Hair by Brianne Walzer, make-up by Glamzii. Shoes, art work, props, jewelry, perfumes, invitations and more all provided by incredibly talented individuald and all put together in elegant harmony by Rodyan and her team. I still can’t get over the tea cups stacked 5 high in an incredible and fanciful table setting fit for the queen of hearts. Clocks were everywhere! So much fun!

Here are a few highlights. Enjoy!

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