Behind the Scenes, Claire’s Cliffside Ballet Session

A lot of work and planning go into the making of images like the ones we got on Claire’s cliffside ballet session. We had to time everything to be ready to start photographing about a half hour before sunrise. With all the rigging involved to lower and secure Claire in place and to provide vantage points for myself, two other photographers, and our guide, Marc Chauvin (doing double duty as a lighting grip), we needed a 3:30 am start. In the feature image above, taken well before sunrise with a long exposure, Claire is illuminated by Marc’s headlamp.

I love doing dance images and I love doing them in out of the ordinary places. I’ve been doing them for close to ten years now. There’s so much that is possible especially if I can find a talented dancer like Claire who is willing to push the envelope a bit. Here are some sample final images taken by myself, Vicki, or Justin Macomber:

And here are some looks behind the curtain! I especially love the one of Marc ferrying tutus to Claire! Way to go, team!

2013-09-03_0011 2013-09-03_0012 2013-09-03_0013 2013-09-03_0014 2013-09-03_0015

Awesome job, everyone. It couldn’t have gone better. And with four wardrobe changes on the side of the cliff, way to go Claire and Marc!