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Over the last couple of years many women and brides have been presenting their husbands, boyfriends, significant others, and future husbands with the results from boudoir photography sessions. Boudoir photography has been around as long as cameras but has recently made a big comeback and is rapidly becoming much more popular and mainstream. Boudoir is French for bedroom (or something like that) as this is typically where boudoir sessions were traditionally photographed. Nowadays many sessions are still done in a bedroom-type environment but women are also no longer restricting themselves to classical boudoir settings. The women and photographers at the forefront of this movement are re-defining and stretching the limits of this type of photography to include pinup, glamour, and fine art styles.

So what is boudoir photography? Today it can be almost anything a woman wants it to be. The results of many contemporary boudoir sessions look nothing like the boudoir photography of many years ago. But if we were to boil all the different types of boudoir photography into a simple definition, I would say it was simply intimate photographs of one person for another. This can mean many different things to different women depending upon their tastes, personalities, and those for whom the images are intended. The images may be sexy or not so sexy, sensual or not so sensual, erotic or not so erotic, and may include various degrees of nudity or none at all. The images can be practically anything and the results should depend upon what the woman believes the intended recipient would most like to see and how comfortable she is portraying these images.

Boudoir imagery done well can be an intensely personal and unique gift to a groom or any man.

Who’s doing boudoir photography? Well, a lot of brides are currently doing them as presents for their grooms. These types of images are also being done by women as gifts for anniversaries, Father’s Day, and birthdays. And what could be a better gift from a woman to a man for Valentine’s Day than the results from a boudoir session? Boudoir images are often presented as a surprise to the groom sometime after the wedding. The images may be presented individually as prints, or all together in a custom-designed album, or as a slide show. The results of these types of sessions when viewed by the groom can be very moving. Most men are caught completely by surprise by the images from these sessions and are very moved, not just by the beauty of the images but also by the effort and boldness required on the bride’s part to produce these images. Boudoir imagery done well can be an intensely personal and unique gift to a groom or any man.

If there were such a thing as a typical boudoir session I would say it would be something resembling a Victoria’s Secret catalog look. So, if nothing else, doing a boudoir session can be a great excuse to go shopping for some sexy lingerie! It’s a chance to play make believe, be a model for a day, and to fulfill fantasies. How often do most women get a chance to strut their stuff in a sexy corset with black fishnets and a pair of the most impractical (but incredibly cool) shoes imaginable? But, it doesn’t always have to be about lingerie either. All kinds of more ordinary clothes can be just as sexy and even more so especially if the clothing is something special to the couple. One of the man’s dress shirts unbuttoned, a tight fitting t-shirt, a long dress that can be lifted, a short skirt, practically anything can work really well. Nowadays boudoir sessions are not necessarily restricted to bedroom sets. They can be done in other living areas, in photographic studios for a cleaner, more artistic look, in a car, on a motorcycle, an abandoned building, or practically anywhere outside. I recently completed a session with a very adventurous woman where some of the images were taken at sunrise on the edge of a cliff and some others were taken on the sidewalk next to the town’s busiest street. You and your photographer’s imaginations and senses of adventure are the only limits to these sessions.

Boudoir photography can be done in a photographer’s studio, at a woman’s home, or at many outdoors locations. The length of the sessions, number of poses, number of locations and wardrobe changes can vary widely from photographer to photographer. Any woman contemplating such a session would be well advised to do some research in order to find a photographer who can provide her with the type of session and type of product she is looking for. Hair and makeup are two other things someone thinking about a boudoir session should consider. They are certainly not a requirement but can definitely make a big difference and along with suitable lingerie or clothing will add to the “Wow” factor of the images.

Clearly, anyone contemplating a boudoir session should carefully select her photographer for a number of reasons. The right photographer for you will be someone you are comfortable with and trust. Most women are not in the habit of undressing or partially undressing in front of a camera and will be understandably anxious prior to and at the beginning of these sessions. A good boudoir photographer will have done many of these sessions and will have many ways to help a woman relax and ease into flattering and exciting poses while looking her absolute best. The right photographer will produce results that are beyond both the woman’s and her man’s wildest dreams and the photographer will have guided that woman to her personal limits without her ever feeling uncomfortable. A good boudoir photographer should have a studio that is set up for boudoir sessions and/or access to suitable locations. An experienced boudoir photographer should probably have a large collection of suitable props, accessories, and lingerie to supplement and enhance what a woman brings to the session.

The boudoir session can be anything a woman wants it to be. It can be just as much a gift to her as it is to the man who will be ultimately receiving the images. With a girl friend along for help, encouragement, and moral support such a session can be a ton of fun. For any bride doing one of these it can be exciting, exhilarating, and a very rewarding experience. It can also be very empowering. It’s not exactly an easy thing for every woman to do, but the amazing, dramatic results can make it very worthwhile. It will certainly be a gift he will never forget!

“When I arrived at the photographer’s house, I was guided upstairs to my own personal dressing room and bathroom. The dressing room was a museum of various props and costumes to cater to virtually any taste out there- masks, corsets and fur coats to name just a few. I slipped into my first outfit, fumbled with the garter and knee-highs for about ten minutes (who really wears those things?), and ascended downstairs to a well-lit living room to begin my day. ”

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Boudoir/Intimate Sessions

All sessions include a CD or DVD of all the processed images from the shoot. These are the high-resolution files needed for quality printing at any size. A license is included for unlimited printing for personal use. All images are fully processed for exposure and color. Images are cropped and minor touchups, skin smoothing, and other effects are applied as needed. A selection of color, black & white, and toned images are usually provided.
Our boudoir sessions are not limiting or rushed. Together we will take the time necessary to capture the look you want for these fun and sexy images. We can provide you with both studio and location shots and there is no limit to the number of locations, poses, or outfit changes.
The price of this personalized boudoir photography service is $550. Included in the price are all sitting fees, image processing, all the high-res “digital negatives”.
Additional photos are available at the following prices.
4×6 print – $25
5×7 print – $25
8×10 print – $45
11×14 print – $65
16×20 or 24 print – $125
16×20 or 24 gallery wrap – $350
16×20 or 24 framed & matted – $450

For prices on other sizes and presentation options, please contact.

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