Cathedral Ledge Wedding Photography, Sophia and Jesse

Sophia and Jesse had a very unique wedding, to say the least!. They got married on top of Cathedral Ledge in North Conway, NH. While that has been done plenty of times, the couple’s arrival at the ceremony site was somewhat different. Sophia and Jesse climbed one of the cliff’s most famous and popular climbs to the top. The climb to the top was a new and exciting challenge for all involved. The bride and groom, photographers, and guide were all having great times while making our way to the ceremony at the top of the cliff.

The couple had a slightly different location on top of the ledge for their ceremony and it was quite special. Friends and family were gathered in an amphitheater-like venue for a fun and loving ceremony. You could not have a better location and backdrop for a ceremony!

The couple chose to celebrate their wedding at Whitney’s Inn and The Shovel Handle Pub. It was a fabulous celebration with everyone having a great time. Fantastic food and drink with close friends and family in an awesome pub, it doesn’t get any better than that!

Below are some image highlights from the couple’s wedding.