Dance Photography with Dance Enthusiasm!

We love dance photography and do it every chance we get. And we love getting outside the box with it and photographing dancers in unique environments and conditions. So we were thrilled when we were contacted by the folks at Dance Enthusiasm about the possibility of doing some photography of a number of their dancers.

We enjoyed a wonderful two days while photographing an early morning (sunrise) session and a late afternoon/early evening session. The sessions were fast and furious with a bunch of dancers, locations, wardrobe changes, changing lighting conditions, and other factors to juggle. All the dancers, instructors, and support personnel (parents!) did an incredible job keeping things moving, coming up with different poses and leaps, and moving from one venue to the next.

Vicki and I were constantly amazing by what all the dancers were able to accomplish! We captured some amazing dance photos featuring some beautiful and talented dancers. Some of the younger and newer dancers in their cute dance outfits were almost too cute to handle! It was all so much fun!

So here are the results. Just a few highlights are below and here is a gallery of all the dance images. It is password protected. Jamie has the password as will some of the dancers and/or their parents. Just ask around, someone will have it.

There are a lot of images, please take your time going through them. Even some of the most basic photos, such as the headshots, are exquisite in their subtle lighting , backgrounds, and poses. Due to everyone’s hard work and enthusiasm, every image is a masterpiece.  Many thanks to everyone involved and we hope to see you all again some day. Enjoy your dance images, and always try to remember, “Why walk when you can dance?”.

2015-06-10_0001 2015-06-10_0002 2015-06-10_0003 2015-06-10_0004 2015-06-10_0005 2015-06-10_0006 2015-06-10_0007