Eagle Mountain House, NH Wedding Photography

Erika and Tim were recently married at the First Episcopal church in North Conway, NH with their wedding reception held afterwards at The Eagle Mountain House in Jackson, NH. Their late fall wedding turning into more of an early winter wedding with the arrival of a crazy October snow storm right before everyone started getting ready. The massive power outage right before the ceremony made things even more interesting!

I think it was the first real candle light wedding we have ever photographed, and if we had been shooting film instead of digital it might have been just like it was in the olden days! Erika and Tim didn’t let these changes to plan slow them down any and things kept moving ahead more or less according to schedule. We even went ahead with the planned photos throughout the Jackson area after the ceremony. It was quite the sight to see Erika walking through the slush puddles and down the slippery, snow covered slopes (where we had a man go down, but no bride, thankfully), through the wind, snow, and rain from one classic photo location to another. It was an awesome effort! It was a memorable day, filled with emotion and everyone had a great time. Thank you, Erika and Tim, for including us as a part of your day!

Below are some image highlights from the couple’s wedding. Enjoy!