Killington Wedding Photography, Jody and Kayla

Jody and Kayla chose to hold their wedding ceremony and wedding day celebration at The Killington Grand Resort Hotel at the Killington Ski Area, Vermont. It was a wild weather weekend with high winds, bitter cold, snow and then rain but none of this slowed things down or dampened the spirits of our two brides or any of their friends or family. In fact, Kayla and Jody still managed to hold an emotional first look outside, in the special landscape they chose to have their wedding in.

The couple held their ceremony and reception in The Oscar Wilde Ballroom which they had beautifully decorated with a holiday look and gorgeous table settings. Everyone had a ton of fun at the reception with dancing and celebration lasting right until the couple’s moving final dance. Congratulations, Jody and Kayla and thanks for including us as a part of your day!

Below are some image highlights from the couple’s wedding. Enjoy!

2016-12-24_0001 2016-12-24_0002 2016-12-24_0003 2016-12-24_0004 2016-12-24_0005 2016-12-24_0006 2016-12-24_0007 2016-12-24_0008