Madalyn’s Senior Photo Session

A couple weeks ago we had a great time with Madalyn during her senior photo session. Madalyn is an artist and came prepared with a bunch of her own ideas, a bunch of enthusiasm, and her friend Allie, who we have worked with before. Allie was a great help during some of the more complex (and messy!) concepts we worked on.

Madalyn opted for an entire session in our studio which gave us a chance to easily switch wardrobe, looks, sets, and lighting choices giving her a lot of different looks. Between what she had for outfits and what our studio has to supplement and add to what she brought, we were able to come up with some very creative and unique images. Thanks for the great session, Madalyn, and enjoy your senior photos!

2013-11-08_0003 2013-11-08_0004 2013-11-08_0005 2013-11-08_0006 2013-11-08_0007 2013-11-08_0008 2013-11-08_0009 2013-11-08_0001 2013-11-08_0002