Manchester Country Club Wedding Photography

Liz and Justin held all their wedding day activities at the beautiful Manchester Country Club. The day began with Liz and her attendants getting ready in the club’s magnificent bridal prep room where the mirrors are a wedding photographer’s dream come true. They are so much fun to work with. Separate photo sessions with both Liz and Justin and their attendants and family followed ending in time for immediate family to welcome guests to the ceremony.

A moving, unique, (and very sweet!) ceremony followed in the venue’s awesome function room. Group photos of the two newly joined families followed before the couple’s fantastic New Year’s Eve reception began. Additional photos with the couple took place from time to time, even out in the heavy falling snow which made the couple’s winter wedding even more magical. Dancing and celebrating continued at a feverish pace right up to the countdown to 2017 and the amazing fireworks display. It was a special night filled with countless great memories.

Below are some image highlights from the couple’s wedding. Enjoy!

2017-01-03_0001 2017-01-03_0002 2017-01-03_0003 2017-01-03_0004 2017-01-03_0005 2017-01-03_0006 2017-01-03_0007 2017-01-03_0008 2017-01-03_0009 2017-01-03_0010 2017-01-03_0011 2017-01-03_0012