New Hampshire Dance Photography

What an amazing dance session we recently had! Nicole, Shayla, and Shannon came up for a series of dance images. We were able to get sunrise images, sunset images and everything in between. We got lots of location shots and some great studio stuff too. I want to especially thank Tiffany and The Saco valley Gymnastics Training Center for allowing us the use of some of their space for some incredible studio imagery.

These girls were all incredibly strong dancers which allowed us to really go after some strong concepts in some great locations. An especially interesting concept for me was the possibility of getting some very unique aerial dance images. Shannon owns a portable framework to hang aerial silks from, which I was hoping to erect in a studio and a unique location outside. I said a portable framework but it’s full size is 30 by 30 feet and I don’t know how tall. It’s huge! I was hoping for some exceptionally clean aerial images with no distracting backgrounds or framework in studio and some dramatic clean location shots as well.

Our dancers performed flawlessly, late at night, at dawn, in thick clouds of bugs, and on hikes all over to difficult locations. Way to go girls! Below are  some highlights. Enjoy!

2014-09-05_0040 2014-09-05_0041 2014-09-05_0042 2014-09-05_0043 2014-09-05_0044 2014-09-05_0045 2014-09-05_0046 2014-09-05_0047 2014-09-05_0048 2014-09-05_0049 2014-09-05_0050