New Hampshire Magazine Bride Article

We are thrilled once again to have a feature article and cover in the current issue of New Hampshire Magazine Bride! What an article and what a time we had creating the images for this one. It was a winter concept and we were hoping for a bit of mild winter weather so we wouldn’t all suffer too much. No such luck! It was 11 degrees and a little breezy. I don’t know how our fabulous models managed to not look like they were freezing! Chelsea, Sarah, and Samantha, way to go! You made it look easy and I know it was really tough. There was lots of Photoshopping red noses and fingers! They , along with the rest of our team did a great job!

Our gowns were provided by Inspirations Bridal. As usual Caitlin and the girls did a great job fitting the models, this time in pretty austere conditions! The dresses looked incredible. All our floral arrangement were provided by Carrie from Dutch Bloemen Winkel. They looked great and held up well under the frigid conditions. Hair and make-up was provided by the Viaggio Spa and Wellness Center at the Mountain Club on Loon. Amber from Spruce Hurricane had some amazing accessories that really added to all the looks we were going for and some beautiful furs that were badly needed to keep the girls somewhat comfortable in the freezing temps.

Rodyan did another bang up job with all the styling and Cory and Andrew from The Ice Castles at Loon were just so much help, climbing all over the ice helping to set up and light scenes and so on. Thanks, guys! Vicki and I couldn’t have managed without Kim’s help, we had so much going on. Thanks, Kim!

This was probably the most challenging magazine shoot we’ve done yet. So difficult for so many reasons; cold, windy, dark, trying to keep dresses clean. keep flowers alive, dodging people there to view the ice castles, unreasonable requests from the photographer! The list goes on. I’d like to thank everyone for helping me realize this project that I had been planning for over a year and special thanks to Barbara and the magazine for trusting us to make it happen. Awesome work, everyone, great article!

Below are just a few images from the session. Be sure to pick a copy of the magazine up, on the stands now!

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