New Hampshire Magazine Bride Feature Article

We have the distinct pleasure of seeing our efforts from a photo session last year now being displayed in the current issue of New Hampshire Magazine Bride. We are beyond thrilled to see our work on the cover (congrats to cover girl Paige Cormier!) and as the issue’s featured article. The concept of the article was a fall colors bridal gown feature. The incredible sunrise images we were able to capture required an incredibly early, before dawn show for hair and make-up. Ouch, but great job girls! Even with that, it was a race to the top of Foss Mountain to catch the sunrise. Me made it with minutes to spare!

So many people did such a fantastic shoot, the only one I can remember that captured both the sunrise and the sunset. Talk about maxing out the day! The fabulous dresses that were featured were provided by Andrea’s Bridal Boutique. Hair and make-up by Debony Hair Salon and accessories were by (Amber, I’m not a morning person !) Spruce Hurricane. Our stunning models were Paige Cormier and Rebecca Nardone. We based out of the incredible (you have to see the view there!) Brookhirst Bed and Breakfast.

Below are some images fro the day. Enjoy!

2014-03-27_0007 2014-03-27_0008 2014-03-27_0009 2014-03-27_0010 2014-03-27_0011 2014-03-27_0012 2014-03-27_0013 2014-03-27_0014