New Hampshire Model Photography – Cadie

For the last couple of years we have had the pleasure of working a number of times with Cadie. We started by doing a senior session with her and then continued to work with her on a number of projects and concepts. One, completed earlier this year, was a feature for the current issue of Wellwed Magazine. We photographed an Alice in Wonderland themed bridal session where Cadie was The Caterpillar. Her exotic look was perfect for this part!

Cadie has always done a wonderful job for us. We pushed her pretty hard in one winter session involving a good hike in the dark to the top of a cliff where we posed her on the edge of a cliff. She always come through for us and we are so pleased to see she just signed with Maggie Inc. out of Boston. Cadie is now an agency represented model! Here is her portfolio on the Maggie Inc web site. Congratulations, Cadie! Best wishes to you in your modeling. Vicki and I know you’re going to do great!

Below are some of the great results we have had with Cadie. Enjoy!

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