New Hampshire Model Photography

We photograph a lot of New Hampshire models. Actually quite a few from further south, like the Boston area as well. Photography with these models is always exciting and a challenge. These guys and girls are always looking to update their books, get images of their most current look, and fill out their portfolio with various kinds of work. In the course of one session we may range from location work to the studio, from head shots to full length, casual to formal, and create all kinds of specialized looks. We have to be ready for anything!

A session with Alyssa this week was a standout experience. Besides being a joy to work with and a stunning beauty, she has great talent as a dancer (she’s also a princess, for real, kinda!).  The day of our session turned out to be the hottest and most muggy of the summer and so we had to adjust for this. We planned for a sunrise dance session at a beautiful nearby location, followed by some swimsuit images as it got a little warmer, then planned to get inside the studio during the heat of the day so Alyssa wouldn’t melt! A spur of the moment, long shot resulted in some incredible photos. Thanks to the kind folks at Lucy Brook Farm for allowing this to happen! Alyssa’s model session involved hiking, everyone getting in the water while keeping cameras and lights dry, and a crazy o dark thirty kind of start time. It was awesome, just our style!

Alyssa has a very clean, all American, girl next door sort of look which was fun to capture in formal, casual, swimsuit, and other modes. We even turned her into a “bad girl” for a couple looks. (Disclaimer – Alyssa doesn’t smoke!) It was an incredibly fun and varied session with fantastic results. Great job, Alyssa!

A few highlights are below. If you’re a model looking to expand upon your portfolio, hit us up for a session! Enjoy the images!

2014-07-05_0001 2014-07-05_0002 2014-07-05_0003 2014-07-05_0004 2014-07-05_0005 2014-07-05_0006