New Hampshire Wedding Photography, Hobbs Tavern

This past weekend we covered our first of many winter weddings we have this winter. Christine and Joshua were married at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Belmont, MA and held their reception at Hobbs Tavern in Ossipee, NH. The temple in Belmont is an amazing architectural masterpiece and provided an incredible backdrop for lots of great imagery. Christine was a real trooper running around in her gown in the raw weather. I was freezing and it seemed colder here than it did in New Hampshire. Christine even got to do a little rock climbing in her gown! The wedding photography options in and around Hobbs Tavern are almost limitless as well. What a great new wedding venue to have in our local area! We were able to put some of these locations to good use too.

We met Christine at a hair salon in Belmont, a beautiful town just outside Boston. It was fun catching some of the hustle and bustle of the getting ready process before the couple’s ceremony. We first met Joshua at the temple when we got the couple together for a first look with Christine in her stunning gown. It was here we also got our first glimpse of her fantastic hooded cloak. It was beautiful and a lot of fun to work with.

After we left for Hobbs we made several stops along our journey for photos of the couple. The couple’s time line and logistics for their wedding day were unique and provided some great opportunities to visit an almost infinite number of possible photo locations. We chose what we thought would be some of the best along our route and made great use of those before moving on to Hobbs Tavern and the reception.

It was a great reception with family and close friends. Lots of singing (really great, and unlike anything we had ever seen at a wedding before), dancing, toasts, and celebrating. The tavern looked awesome and everyone had a great time. The couple left the celebration passing through a joyous sparkler archway along with tons of congratulations, cheering, and well wishing. It was a terrific finale to an amazing day! Congratulations, Christine and Joshua, on the start of your new lives together. Thank you for including us as a part of your celebration.

Below are some highlights from the day.Enjoy!

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