Philbrick Photography Goes Viral!

What a week it’s been! After more than a decade of being in business and never really distributing our work outside our own Facebook pages, we started posting elsewhere a month or two ago. The response was immediately favorable and continued to grow until last week when the story of our bridal sessions and other photo shoots on cliffs, in wells, on ice, with the northern lights, etc. went viral.

Above are just some of the papers in which our story were published. Stories in print were published in this country as well as a number of others. On the web, the story spread like wild fire. It was everywhere in all kinds of blogs, web sites, and all over Facebook. Here is just one example of a post on Facebook. It’s a post from a group in Peru. As of this posting it has 146,000 likes, 181, 000 shares, and over 14,000 comments! Posts like this are all over. The story has been published in print or the web in practically every country the world over including places like Sri Lanka, Estonia, Latvia, Bosnia, Viet Nam. The Chinese National News Agency picked up the story!

This week our work was featured on Good Morning America and more TV appearances are in the works. Stay tuned. All week we’ve been negotiating contracts, hiring agents, and getting legal with some of the theft that inevitably occurs during something like this. It’s been a wild ride!

Many thanks to Marc Chauvin and Justin Macomber who are essential to the success of these sessions and to Sean McDonald and the team at WMUR’s New Hampshire Chronicle for getting this viral ball rolling with their great segment that aired on October 19. Vicki and I would also like to give a special thanks to Barbara Coles of New Hampshire Magazine Bride who has supported our work for so many years and put WMUR in contact with us. Vicki and I are also so grateful to all the fantastic people we have had the honor of photographing through the years, thanks for all your trust. We’ve loved working with each and every one of you.

Please stay tuned, apparently more is coming in print, on the web, and on TV. Please let us know if you see anything anywhere. There is way more happening than we can keep up with. Our sleepy little web site had almost 30,000 visitors one day last week! Below is a tiny sampling of some web posts from all over the world. Enjoy and Happy Holidays, everyone!

The week in pictures

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