Portland, Maine Portrait Session with Kaitlyn

This week we had the chance to get together with Kaitlyn, a model living in Portland Maine.  She was in need of some new portraits, especially head shots as she had just become represented by a model agency. Congratulations, Kaitlyn! We had a great time visiting a bunch of wonderful venues in and around Portland on an incredible spring day. We also managed to have some of the best burgers ever at an awesome little take out place on wheels, Don’s Burgers. Great burgers and model fare! Below are just a few samples of what we were able to get in this portrait session. Enjoy!

2014-04-03_0001 2014-04-03_0002 2014-04-03_0004 2014-04-03_0003 2014-04-03_0006 2014-04-03_0005