Portrait Photography for Regan

Recently Regan came up to North Conway for a portrait session. It’s always awesome to see her and this session with her was great, as always. She was looking for a selection of head shots and a few portraits of different sorts. We did a mix of available light supplemented by some strobe in an environmental setting and some studio images on seamless backgrounds and others with studio strobe lighting.

After having done this for over a decade, I’ve come to know all the spots in different parts of our studio that get great natural light at various times of the day and year. We planned Regan’s session accordingly and I think we got her a great mix of images. Some of them are below. Enjoy!

2014-04-11_0001 2014-04-11_0006 2014-04-11_0002 2014-04-11_0004 2014-04-11_0005