Unique Images in a Unique Location, Lavinia’s

A few days ago we had the unique opportunity to create some great portraits in one of Hew Hampshire’s oldest and most distinctive restaurants. Lavinias in Center Harbor, New Hampshire is a centuries old building (built in the 1820s!) with some incredible dining rooms and a tavern (I can personally attest to the quality of the beer!). We photographed in several locations, which were all fabulous and different, but I really had my eyes on the attic. I had spotted that while working there earlier in the winter on a feature article for Well Wed Magazine, which will be coming out soon. I was very excited to get back to Lavinia’s for some simple concepts I had. Many thanks to Doug for letting us back in and we’re looking forward to working at Lavinia’s again soon. The whole place has just been redone, is beautiful, and the menu looks great. I can’t wait to eat there!

We had two models for the day who I had worked with on several sessions in the past. Both Chelsea and Cadie did a great job (as always) and cruised through this session with ease. No hiking through miles of snow, freezing at night in an ice castle, or standing at the edge of a huge cliff this time. Piece of cake! Here are some images from the session and be on the lookout for more from Lavinia’s when the next issue of Well Wed Magazine hits the stands. Enjoy!

2014-04-17_0001 2014-04-17_0002 2014-04-17_0003 2014-04-17_0004 2014-04-17_0005 2014-04-17_0006 2014-04-17_0007