Waterville Valley Wedding with Melanie and Eric

Melanie and Eric picked the beautiful Waterville Valley Resort for their wedding day celebration. Like so many recent weddings some rain had to be endured, but it had no effect upon the couple’s great day. In Melanie’s own words, “I can’t believe I worried about the weather all week. We had a perfect day even if we did get a little wet!” No matter the weather, though, Waterville Valley has great options for any couple’s wedding ceremony and reception.

The couple chose to get ready in the beautiful Golden Eagle Lodge, also a great place for getting ready and group photos. They were able to be ready before the rains arrived and so had a beautiful first look out in the incredible colors that were peaking all around the resort. The couple enjoyed a fun ceremony in the Conference Center. Everyone loved when the officiant said, “By the power barely vested in me…”! You had to be there!

A fabulous reception followed with great entrances and lots of fun dancing. Great toasts and the usual awesome dinner that Waterville serves up added to the terrific evening. I hope we didn’t get your dress too wet, Melanie! Like you said, it was the perfect day!

Below are some highlights from the day. Enjoy!

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