WMUR New Hampshire Chronicle Segment

Recently we were very fortunate to have a news crew from WMUR Channel 9 TV in Manchester come up for a story on Philbrick Photography. They titled the segment “Photography on the Edge” and appropriately enough they filmed us during one of our sessions on the side of a cliff. For that session we lowered Ashley Firth, Mrs. Petite America, down on to a ledge on Cathedral Ledge for some photos to celebrate her crown. We were also interviewed about our business and our photography.

The NH Chronicle team captured some exciting footage of pre dawn rappels, Ashley on a tiny ledge 350 feet above the valley floor, and some of the action that takes place to make one of these sessions a great success. The footage of Ashley running to hug the fence at the top of the cliff after hanging over the edge is priceless! Many thanks to everyone at NH Chronicle for a great segment and of course to our team members, Marc Chauvin and Justin Macomber. And of course a great shout out to Ashley for her fantastic job on the side of the cliff! Below is a link to the NH Chronicle Segment and below that are some images that are representative of our photography on the edge. Enjoy!

Photography on the Edge

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